iFun Engine

The Most Advanced Game Server Framework
  • iFun Engine greatly boosts your productivity in game server development.
  • It helps you focus on important game contents and business logics rather than complicated low-level stuffs like database handling.
  • Rapidly build your reliable, scalable game server with iFun Engine.

Short introduction to iFun Engine


Easy Extension

Already got a single-player game server? And considering multiplayer features for its next update?
You can easily augment your single player game server by iFun Engine.
iFun Engine has a well-defined, REST-based approach to convert your game server into multiplayer one.

Reliable Networking Stack

iFun Engine supports all the popular protocols: UDP, TCP, and HTTP.
It transparently handles inevitable hand-over on mobile networks and auto-retransmission on the protocols.
It is highly optimized and in-lab tests show it can sustain more than 8K concurrent sessions on 4-vCPU VM.

Easy-to-scale Architecture

iFun Engine does scale out. It magically scales horizontally as you add more servers.
It's equipped with easy-to-use API functions to handle subtle issues specific in the multi-server environment
such as duplicate login detection, distributed locking, inter-server RPCs, etc.

Very Simple Programming Model

It is easy to extend client-server messages by simply adding message handlers for new messages.
No need to handle complex SQL in your program. It offers Object Relational Mapping (ORM) in C++.
It has high-level APIs for business logic. Chatting, matchmaking, billing, and authentication all included.
With iFun Engine, it's simple to add REST APIs to your server for an external integration purpose.




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