About Us

iFunFactory was founded in May, 2013, by geeky software engineers who love disruptive thinking in software design and implementation. Most of us joined iFunFactory for its innovative and fast-acting culture. About 80% of us are software engineers and we have been striving to deliver great a game server engine and handy game service operation tools to the market.

Our Mission Statement

Despite great innovations in general software development over the passed 15 years, development methodology for game development still remains where it stood 15 years ago. We believe it is because game developers could not afford new revolutionary ideas because of the fast moving industry. Thus, game development is still considered as labor-intensive, and indeed has many inefficient things susceptible to human errors. Of course, some of talented developers overcome the issues by applying innovative solutions, but it seems like a long way to making efficient and effective technology available to most of developers. Thus, iFunFactory seriously conjectures the problem and tries to deliver great technology to as many developers as possiblea in order to help them finish great games. We strive to achieve democracy in game development technology.


660 Daewang-pangyo-ro
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Business Hours

8:30am - 5:30pm Korea Time (GMT+09)